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"I became a client back in April of 2016 when needing maintenance of Botox. The owner was fantastic, she recommended Dysport, the amount she used and the locations on my face she injected the product was far better than what my dermatologist had done in previous experiences. Furthermore, the next time I needed treatment, which was December 30, 2016 she was just as fantastic. However, at this time, I was suffering from allergies that had me congested for over a year and a half. Deserae while treating me for Dysport, started asking questions about my health and what treatment I was on in order to alleviate my chronic congestion. I indicated to her that I was constantly seeing my regular GP, along with an allergist, specialist and have seen no change and that I had honestly given up on seeing any relief from my symptoms. She immediately assisted me with medical advise and a prescription (5 day dose) to relieve symptoms, within 3 days I noticed a remarkable difference. For the first time in 17 months I was able to breathe through my nose during the night and by day 5 my sinus were unblocked! I couldn't believe that it took seeing a private medical practitioner to solve my health issues. If this is what private care looks like, then I am 100% vested. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone". C.M.

"Great experience. So glad I did it. What a huge difference!! Would totally recommend" K.H.

"Deserae is amazing she's always so patient and takes her time to make you feel comfortable with any choice you make and is always there to answer all my questions even when I call her 20'times with the same question I'm always beyond happy and would recommend to anyone". S.H.

"Absolutely wonderful service! Fantastic work and great value in every way". B.M.


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