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Women's Health

Women's health, despite age, or stage of life, can be complex. It is often filled with a variety of bothersome symptoms such as mood swings, headaches, exhaustion, weight gain, and depression. These symptoms are most often attributed to hormonal imbalance that occur throughout a lifetime.

Urban Oak takes a special interest in women's health and tailors their care to restore hormonal imbalance and bring symptom relief, vibrancy and longevity to all women over a continuum. Whether you’re affected by severe PMS or you’re going through menopause, Urban Oak can help through the utilization of customized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT).​

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can help Menopausal Women get relief from a wide range of common symptoms, including:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats

  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism

  • Mood changes and sleep problems

  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex

  • Dry skin and thinning hair


Bioidentical Hormone Therapy can help women who have severe Premenstrual Syndrome get relief from symptoms including:

  • Swollen or tender breasts

  • Fatigue or temporary insomnia

  • Severe mood swings

  • Acne breakouts

  • Joint or muscle pain

  • Headaches or backaches

  • Bloating and other digestive problems

  • Temporary weight gain

  • Appetite changes or food cravings

Common Women's Health Hormones - Click to learn more!

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