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We’ve redesigned the primary care experience around YOU, combining clinical excellence with a modern approach. Urban Oak provides Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding areas with Concierge medical services, General adult medical care, Medical aesthetics, Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy, Platelet rich plasma and fibrin treatments and IV lounge services. Urban Oak offers a private health care alternative with outstanding customer service. When visiting our clinic or in the privacy of your own home, your time and satisfaction are our utmost concern.


The Urban Oak Clinic concept is based on the belief that clinical excellence, commitment to service, and a customer-centered design make for a truly great experience. The staff at our Sherwood Park clinic will strive to ensure you receive timely appointment bookings, no long in-office waits and care that addresses all of your needs in a dynamic and thorough manner. We value your time and your business. At Urban Oak YOU are our top priority!

Clinic Concept

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